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It came time to set up our IDE for C#, Visual Studio 2010 Express.

This is free edition of Visual Studio, but it has limited features.

One language per application, I mean in other versions(Professional,Premium,Ultimate,...), you can use other languages like Visual Basic, C++,F# too,...but in Express editon you don't...I mean if you want to code in them, you have to download Visual Studio Express for every language separately(VS C# Express,VS VB Express,VS F# Express,VS C++ Express,...).

You can't add third-party add ons(like Resharper, wich is very usefull), too.Some people noticed that build times are for aprox 20 seconds longer than in other versions...

Express is enough for this tutorials and for many others:)

You can download it from:

Go to this page, go to Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio C# Express, download, install it.Nice thing is that is only big ~150 mb before installation=>less time to download, but around GB after, lol :).